Sunday, October 13, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen.....

It's time to face the facts..... Who am I kidding? I simply do not have time to run a blog at this stage in my life. My ambition was to keep it going, but instead of giving me joy, like it used to, this blog has become a constant and very guilty conscience.

I also lost my motivation since I realized that my number one reader, in terms of views, is one of my husbands old girlfriends. Not only do I find this to be an incredibly disturbing behavior (I'm talking about several views per day!), but we also don't feel like we want her to know everything about our lives. I'm sure you can understand. day, I'll be back! ...but for now, this is not a priority.

...and to you, "Chris's ex since a million years ago (at least it feels like it was for us)", it's hard to say this in any other way to avoid not being clear enough: JUST.MOVE.THE.FUCK.ON!
I really wish you all the best, but I can sincerely ensure you that you will never find it staring into this blog all day. Instead, try to focus on something constructive that takes your mind away from us.
Maybe you're just obsessively curious, I don't know your motivation, but what I'm really trying to say is that by spending so much time here, you might miss something that should be so much more important for you, namely YOUR life.

To the rest of my readers, (sorry for the above btw), I will surely miss you and hope we can stay in touch!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

The story of our wedding - Part two: The perfect spot

We started to plan the wedding just shortly after Chris proposed to me in March last year, but then we did the really big things like setting the date and looking for the right location for us. At the time, we still lived in Switzerland with no plan to move to Sweden and that's why we chose to have our wedding there (here). Of course, later on, this all changed, but by then the invites were already sent out with the location stated on it. In the end, not a bad choice as complexity was drastically reduced by being close to the actual wedding location.

We were looking around online on various places, but after we found THE place with the help of Madde (one of my bridesmaids), nothing else compared!! We fell in love with this place....with the apple tree garden, the amazing service and interest in making our day the best possible one, the old oak tree inside the park and also (no joke!) the fact that this is a Zoo for Nordic animals. The guests would all get to see elks up close!

Another reason why we found this place absolutely perfect was that, by having our wedding there, we reserved the whole place. We wanted to get married outside under the apple trees and have the dinner as a picnic (as you may guess from the title of this blog as well, I LOVE picnics :)) and by choosing this location, we had a proper back-up plan to move everything inside in case of rain. Booking a normal restaurant or hotel venue, you'd have to chose to have the wedding inside OR outside.

Kungsbyn was a done deal and one of the best decisions made in this whole planning process!!
So incredibly professional and our contact person there even made the bridal bouquets, the corsages and the bridesmaids bouquets herself.

Getting married in Sweden? Could you consider Västerås as location?
We recommend this place with all our hearts:
Interested in booking? Contact Åsa Söderberg by e-mail or call +46 76 33 77 812

Together with all our friends who helped, they made our BIG day absolutely perfect!!!
This is what our ceremony in their apple tree garden looked like

Friday, July 26, 2013

The story of our wedding - Part one: The bachelorette party

We have said our "Yes"'s. The honeymoon is are our holidays. At least for now.
We are fresh out of energy, but happy. Happier than ever in fact.
What we have achieved in the last 9 months, looking back, is nothing short of amazing!
Having our first baby. The move to (for Chris and Allison) a new country. The house. The wedding. The baptism.
It's now all behind us and not only did we survive it, but as cliché as it sounds, it also made us stronger.
An amazing feeling of confidence to have in our backs while we were saying those wovs!

I am now ready to start sharing the wedding details with you! Truth is that I didn't want to share that many details before as we wanted the wedding to be a bit of a surprise for our guests.....and I think that we even managed that ;))
So much to tell. Where do I even start?? 
Well.....why not with the bachelorette party??

A complete surprise to me as (I thought) I was going into Stockholm to shop for bridesmaids dresses with my bridesmaids.
Not even when I saw my friends sitting in the hotel restaurant where we went in because one of my bridesmaids "needed the ladies room" did it really dawn on me. I needed quite a few seconds.

A fabulous feeling seeing them all there, especially after all the years I spent in Switzerland missing them, wishing for and dreaming of moments like that.
We had a lovely breakfast together. We spent the rest of the morning in a private whirlpool, chatting and drinking Champagne.
We "pimped ourselves up" and headed out to a bar for drinks in aaaaall secrecy of what was to come next.
We had some drinks. They insisted I'd have at least two and refused to tell me why.

Then I found out why.

I was to face one of my biggest a studio...singing! ....recording a song for Chris (of which the lyrics could not be more suiting).

If you've been following my blog before, you'll know how I like to talk about defining moments.
Well with the singing I had exactly one of those moments. One of rejection....and I never got over it.

I was maybe 10? There was a "trial" to join the school choir. I wanted it so badly! I LOVED singing...
...but I had a problem with damaged vocal chords growing up and I will never forget when the choir leader told me how bad it sounded when I sang and told me "Absolutely no thanks!". Almost everyone else was able to join. 
Since then, I have been ridiculously scared of singing in front of people (Singstar and such doesn't really count here...I'm talking
about when people can really hear MY voice).

The "studio guy" told me nobody could hear me besides him and me... That felt I did it. 

It wasn't true. They could all hear me. During all 3 takes.

You may think this was a mean thing to do, but I am so greatful! I did it and nobody laughed or told me it was horrible.
The whole thing is now "de-dramatized" if you will.
...and after having listened to it maybe 5-6 times now, I can say that it doesn't sound that bad.
It's not great, but it's certainly not as bad as I always tell myself.
And I've decided to rip off the band-aid completely, once and for all and will even share it with you here:

Feel free to laugh! At least I can't hear you =))

The song was then played up for all the wedding guests after our wedding dance which was a bit of a shock! We had no clue.

After this, we went to the lovely restaurant "Trattorian" and had a fantastic Italian dinner.
All my friends had prepared a statement about themselves and I had to guess which statement belonged to who. Not so easy actually ;))

We stopped for one more drink afterwards and then went home. I am a mother of a small child now after all...

All in all - an absolutely unforgettable day!!
My friends are all completely irreplaceable and I love them all more than words can express..... I am such a lucky girl.

THANKS LADIES for this fantastic memory!

....more to come shortly.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just married!

....more to come shortly (now busy honeymooning ;))!
Photo by the fantastic Erika Gerdemark

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photo blog: Swedish National Day and a spontaneous photo shoot

I am still naively hoping that soon, one day, I will have enough time to actually BLOG.
....but until then, you will get these updates irregularly and mostly in photos.

Below some shots from the Swedish National day dinner (June 6th) mixed with a few shots I took of my gorgeous friend Aryan during golden hour that evening. I had really forgotten after all those years abroad that Swedish summer is just unbeatably beautiful!!

Starter: Caprese Salad....nothing to do with Sweden...but a classic ;p
Main course: Grilled Halibut on a bed of Rice Noodles, fried Apricots and Pea Shoots
Maräng Suisse cake....a combination of Swedish and Swiss you could say ;))

We are all doing great, but with only 34 days left to the wedding, still quite busy ;))