Sunday, October 13, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen.....

It's time to face the facts..... Who am I kidding? I simply do not have time to run a blog at this stage in my life. My ambition was to keep it going, but instead of giving me joy, like it used to, this blog has become a constant and very guilty conscience.

I also lost my motivation since I realized that my number one reader, in terms of views, is one of my husbands old girlfriends. Not only do I find this to be an incredibly disturbing behavior (I'm talking about several views per day!), but we also don't feel like we want her to know everything about our lives. I'm sure you can understand. day, I'll be back! ...but for now, this is not a priority.

...and to you, "Chris's ex since a million years ago (at least it feels like it was for us)", it's hard to say this in any other way to avoid not being clear enough: JUST.MOVE.THE.FUCK.ON!
I really wish you all the best, but I can sincerely ensure you that you will never find it staring into this blog all day. Instead, try to focus on something constructive that takes your mind away from us.
Maybe you're just obsessively curious, I don't know your motivation, but what I'm really trying to say is that by spending so much time here, you might miss something that should be so much more important for you, namely YOUR life.

To the rest of my readers, (sorry for the above btw), I will surely miss you and hope we can stay in touch!!!



  1. Förstår att du har fullt upp med ditt liv och hoppas du njuter till max!! Ville bara passa på och tacka, ditt bloggande gav mig inspiration till min egen och jag har oftat kikat in här!!!

  2. Feels that a long time have passed, but been a regular visitor to your previous blog, hoping you'll continue. best wishes.


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